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<<FAQ>> Common Questions asked about Simtractor

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Deere John

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 6:22 am    Post subject: <<FAQ>> Common Questions asked about Simtractor Reply with quote

Commands list for all machines:

Ignition/starter : ]

Lower implements : '
Raise implements : \ (or #)

Forward gear : M
Backward gear : ,
Shift up : .
Shift down : /

Silo : [
Manure : [ (or \ )

Auger : =
Lights : -

PTO : 0
Hydraulic 9 : 9
Hydraulic 8 : 8
Hydraulic 7 : 7
Hydraulic 6 : 6
Hydraulic 5 : 5
Hydraulic 4 : 4
Hydraulic 3 : 3
Hydraulic 2 : 2 (Start/stop combine reel)
Hydraulic 1 : 1 (Start/stop combine thresher)

RPM Up : Page Up
RPM Down : Page Down

Detach 1 : Delete
Attach 1 : Insert
Detach 2 : End
Attach 2 : Home

Machine informations : `
PDA/ Gps/ map : TAB

Time + : Q
Time - : A

Camera 1 : F1 (In-Cab)
Camera 2 : F2 (External free)
Camera 3 : F3 (External fixed)
Camera 4 : F4 (External preset)

Camera Zoom-: F5
Camera Zoom+: F6

Day/Night : F7
Plane sprayer: F8

Version 3.6 and below:
Truck -> Field : F9
Truck -> Combine : F10
Truck -> Farm silos : F11
Truck -> Town silos : F12
Multiplayer Chat : Return

Version 4.0 and above
Adjust draw distance: F9 (decrease)
Adjust draw distance: F10 (increase)
Adjust visual quality: F11 (decrease)
Adjust visual quality: F12 (increase)

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions.

applies to registered users only

1/ How do i fill up the seeders? and with the grain cart
To fill up the seeders with corn and wheat you must drive and position your seeders under the silo pipe wich is located to the left of the open barn.to fill the seeders up with the grain cart first fill the cart up at the silo by pressing the silo key once its full drive it to the feild your seeding once your seeding and run out by using the seeding tractor either the 8310 8310t or 9400 unhook the seeder attach the grain cart and open the auger out (1 and 2) position the auger over the seeder and press 0 the auger will start to unload then and fill the seeder up keep a eye on your greenstar monitor so when the seeders full you can shut off the auger.
Once your positioned under the pipe press the silo key [ if you press and hold Ž (left of 1) a greenstar monitor will appear and will show you how much content you have it will automatically cut out once the seeders are full. You need to have grain stored in the silos

2/How do i fill the seeders with ryegrass?
Position the wheat seeders near to the white boxes wich are located in the middle of the open barn and again press your silo key but this time instead of your grain content reducing your money will reduce
Make sure you have money to seed grass

3/ How do i fill and use the delvano sprayer?
Position the delvano sprayer by the tank at the open barn press 0 to turn on the pump and then press 7 to open the valve your sprayer will start to take on weed killer press 0 once it has finished filling up, to go spraying drive to the feild after seeding to open and close the booms use keys (3/4/5/6) to raise and lower them press keys (@#)press (0) to turn the pump on then press (1/2) to turn the boom valves on press to go forward and shift up once(>)
you do need money to fill up with chemical

4/Getting in and out of machines as a visitor?
when in the game using a machine at anytime you can press esc to become a visitor you can then walk up to another machine press the ignition key ] and the visitor will get in that machine, or you can press and hold esc and that will take you back to the menu where you can save or select other machinery.

5/ In the game how do you escape to the menu keeps takeing me to a visitor?
if your a visitor and want to exit to the game menu simply press and hold down escape it will then take you to the menu.

6/how do you accelerate your time period?
press the tabb key to bring up the pda menu then to increase your time press and hold Q untill you see your time on the pda go from 10 to 60 this will allow you to do all jobs without the month skipping.
to fastforward again have the pda up but this time press A you will see on your pda the time goes from 0 to 60 once you bring the time back to 0 it will then skip forward a month after that it will automatically reset to 10.

7/when i start a new game what do i do first?
the new 3.5 version allows you to harvest wheat corn and grass as a default set up wheat is found in the windmill and train feilds corn is found in half of the city feild and grass is found on the mountain feild all the other feilds are empty you have a choice them of 3 crops to harvest first using a selection of harvesters and a mower for grass allso a liner is used for rowing up after mowing the grass so the crop can be baled then using either the round baler or square baler, you allso have some livestock you can look after either leave them in the feild behind the cattle shed and they will more or less look after themselves as long as their is grain in the silos. another option is to move the cows using the cattle transporter to the grass feild.

8/how do i move the cattle?
use any tractor to attach the transporter drive to the far end of the cattle shed a automatic gate will open in the fence turn right into the feild reverse up to the cows and open the back door (press 1/2 to open close the door)press esc to become a visitor then walk up to each cow and just touch them they will automatically start walking up to and into the transporter once the cattle are inside return to the tractor and press the ignition key to climb back in turn the tractor on rehitch the transporter again and close the door (2)drive to the desired feild open the door and after a few seconds the cattle will walk back out and into the feild.

9/how do i save from in game
simply hold down escape untill it returns you to the menu press back once and you will see save select it and press once.

10/how can i get various cheats
to get cheats go start/my computer/local disc c/programme files/simtractor 3.1 then click on the sav folder and look for your last set of saves look for your last men file open that with word or notepad to produce
stnet 0
default 0
stnet_2 0
3 / 7 183
7920+Plow 44
Single Farm 1
Keyboard 0
Off 0
Off 0
Off 0
Off 0
On 1
86240 86240 <<money content
1500 1500 <<grain silo content
1470 1470 <<livestock value
1.25,1.5,1.5,1.75,1.75,1.5,1,0,0,0,0,0 1
100 100 <<manure value
change both sets of numbers to your likeing then save the file and go play.

11/how do i apply skins?
once you have downloaded a skin you first need to unzip the file (winrar or winzip). No copy the unzipped content into the main simtractor folder. c:\program files\simtractor 3.5. Overwrite the exisiting files.

12/how do i sell bales?
simply load your bales onto the flat bed trailer drive to the town and onto the weigh bridge at the silo the bales will dissapear.
(you may have to do this more than once)

13/how do you use the balers?
using either the claas round baler or the john deere square baler attach to the respective jd7810 by pressing insert and delete drive to the feild set speed to 15 press 0 to turn on the pto to for the pickups drive the tractor with the wheels bridgeing over the droped straw the round baler will beep once a bale is ready press 1 to open the back door drive forward a little and the bale will drop out then press 2 to close the door.

14/how do i get tracks on the lexion?
simply in game drive the lexion to and over the ramps in the open barn then combine will then self position itself and the wheels will be replaced with tracks.

15/how to manage crop growth?
make sure you know what month you have seeded in spray in that month aswell then simply open the pda up by pressing the tabb key press and hold A untill the time limit comes down to zero it will then skip a month do this twice for grass 6 times for corn and 8 for wheat the crops should be ready by then.

16/how do i do corn silage?
on the farm their is clamp(holding place) for corn silage this arrives from the feild by trailers it is tipped in the clamp far back enough so their touching the white fence they come out in brick sections simply keep adding more for the cattle to feed on.

17/how do i use the forage harvester?
this machine is used to cut and dump the corn into trailers wich are either towed behind the harvester or towed alongside by another tractor.to use the harvester use the standard ignition key to turn it on then by pressing 1 that will ingage the chopper
2/3 folds the header in half
4/5 allows you to slew the cute left or right
6/7 allows you raise or lower the cute
8/9 allows you to pitch the angle of the fireing corn
you dont need to have it on full revs it will cut on minimal revs their are 4 gears on the forage harvester either 2 or 3 will cut the corn

18/how do i buy machinery and fields ?
simply go into the buisness menu click on sell buy machinery or land select the machine or feild you want to buy and click buy.
you do need enough money to buy the wanted machine or feild

19/how do i use the combines ?
all the combines use the same key controls to combine first make sure the crop is ready you need to attach the header (detach/attach keys) then press 1 wich will turn threashing system then press 2 to turn on your header reel if you want to drop the straw for baleing press 3 to turn off the chopper set the combine between speeds 1 and 3 (<>) you can increase the rpm of the machine (page up) to lower and raise the header press (@#) to unload wheat corn press - to swing the auger out then once your in position over a trailer press 0 to empty other options are to set the header reel height (5.6) and the hopper extension cover(4) but these two options are just for the lexion and new holland cr 960 only

20/how do i use the xerion?
to use the xerion firstly press ] to turn it on then press the home key to attach the disco use keys 1/2 to raise and lower the left side of the disco press keys 3/4 to raise and lower the centre of the disco press keys 5/6 to raise and lower the right side of the disco to rotate the cab press = this will turn it around into the cutting position to turn the mower on press 0 set the machine to the second speed for cutting by pressing >to increase the speed and / to decrease the speed

21/how to use the cougar
To use the claas cougar firstly press ] to turn on the ignition to lower or raise the front discos press the usual raise or lower keys ' and # , to lift all the discos at once press and hold 1 then to lower them back down press and hold 1 again, you can raise or lower each disco individually by pressing and holding any key between 2 and 6 if you press = the cab will rotate for either transport mode or cutting mode, to turn the discos on for cutting press 0 to turn on the beacon press 9

22/how to change the fields from default
To change the fields you need to go into simtractors main file by going start/my-computer/local-disc-c/programme-files/simtractor-3.5
once their press L several times to locate the file called land.sim

Crop Numbers:

1: empty
4: wheat
5: corn
6: raygrass

now just change the first number in each line to the number of crop you want!
to change the right fields crop just look at the last code, its the same order as the Land.sim!

5   001.tga   004.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
1   002.tga   005.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
1   002.tga   005.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
6   001.tga   004.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
4   001.tga   004.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
1   002.tga   005.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
4   001.tga   004.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
1   002.tga   005.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
4   001.tga   004.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
4   001.tga   004.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
4   001.tga   004.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
6   295.tga   294.tga   TRUE   0.7   5
6   295.tga   294.tga   TRUE   0.7   5
6   295.tga   294.tga   TRUE   0.7   5
6   295.tga   294.tga   TRUE   0.7   5
6   295.tga   294.tga   TRUE   0.7   5
6   295.tga   294.tga   TRUE   0.7   5
6   295.tga   294.tga   TRUE   0.7   5
6   295.tga   294.tga   TRUE   0.7   5
6   295.tga   294.tga   TRUE   0.7   5
5   001.tga   004.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
5   001.tga   004.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
5   001.tga   004.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
5   001.tga   004.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
5   001.tga   004.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
5   001.tga   004.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
1   002.tga   005.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
1   002.tga   005.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
1   002.tga   005.tga   TRUE   0.9   5
1   002.tga   005.tga   TRUE   0.9   5

Field Order in Land.Sim:

Western Field 1
Castle Field
River Field
Windmill Field
Train Field 1
Train Field 2
Train Field 3
Train Field 4
Train Field 5
Train Field 6
Train Field 7
Mountain Field 1
Mountain Field 2
Mountain Field 3
Mountain Field 4
Mountain Field 5
Mountain Field 6
Mountain Field 7
Mountain Field 8
Mountain Field 9
Western Field 2
Western Field 3
Western Field 4
Western Field 5
Western Field 6
Western Field 7
Western Field 8
Western Field 9
Western Field 10
Western Field 11

You also can edit the yield of each field by changing the number in column 2 from the right end. 0.9 is the max you usually can get in the game. But you can set it to every number you want.

23/Positions of the automated truck
Here is a picture of a map, which shows some positions of the automated truck. The numbers are the positions shown in the PDA.
-> http://www.simtractor.com/forum/album_page.php?pic_id=556

24/How to install mods
Open the compressed file you have downloaded from www.simtractor.net with WinZip or WinRar. Those file includes several files and folders. Copy the files inside the "machine" folder to c:\program files\simtractor 3.5\machines\.
Copy all other files to c:\program files\simtractor 3.5\. Thatīs it. The mod will then be available in your machinery menu in Simtractor.

On other language computers your main Simtractor folder may be different to then above. (e.g. for Germany itīs: c:\programme\simtractor 3.5\)
Also have a look at this thread for detailed informations: http://www.simtractor.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4540

25/ Windows Vista?
Simtractor is 100% Compatable with all versions of Windows Vista. If you do not have an administrator/privilidged account and you have problems saveing or installing, then you may install SimTractor to your 'C:\users\your_username\documents' folder. You may also need to get an Administrator to install for you.

26/ when is the Next Version comeing?
There is no set date.

27/ How much will the next version cost?
If you have a key for the current version, you will be charged a small upgrade fee of €18 /Ģ12. If you don't allready have a key, then you must pay the full price of €44.

28/ How can i pay?
Payment options include Credit/debit card, Paypal and bank transfer.

29/ What is necessary for 3d crops?
Set the game to 3d crops in the options menu and make sure your graphics card supports at least pixel shader V2. Many cards specs are shown on this site: http://www.neeyik.info/3dspecs/

30/How to pick up grass with the forage harvester
ace wrote:

This is quite a difficult modification. So people with bad computer skills be aware, that you could destroy your game!


#1: Prepare your fields for foraging
Cut the grass either with the Claas Xerion, Couger or any mower mod.
Line up the grass in swaths with the 7810 and Liner.

#2: Save your game
Get back into the Simtractor menu and save your game.
Remember the savegameīs name. (I will use "ace_13" as an example)

#3: Close your game
Leave Simtractor.

#4: Open the SAV folder
Find your Simtractor Save folder.
Itīs usually "c:\program files\simtractor 3.5\sav"

#5: Search the field you want to harvest
Scroll down in this folder until you find the files of the just saved game. (ace_13 used as an example here).
All files of this game will start with "ace_13".
Now double click on any Bitmap file of this savegame. A Bitmap ends with.bmp and is an image file. It will be called like "ace_13_-26999.bmp".
The Windows picture viewer will start up (if you didnīt change the standard windows settings).
Scroll through all your Bitmaps of this savegames and write down the names of the ones which are mainly black and include swaths. e.g. "ace_13-21397.bmp".

#6: Find the field-file you have to edit
Open the "fie" file of the this savegame. In our example itīs "ace_13_fie.sav" Itīs in the c:\program files\simtractor 3.5\sav folder.
Just double click on the file. Windows will ask you what program it should use to open it. Choose "Choose program from a list" -> Choose "Notepad" or in other versions itīs called "Editor".
You will find several lines of informations in this file. For example:

6   SAV\ace_13_65197.bmp   SAV\ace_13_-29743.bmp   TRUE   0.9   6
6   SAV\ace_13_28870.bmp   SAV\ace_13_60967.bmp   TRUE   0.9   6
6   SAV\ace_13_-24696.bmp   SAV\ace_13_-14929.bmp   TRUE   0.9   6
6   SAV\ace_13_-21397.bmp   SAV\ace_13_54948.bmp   TRUE   0.9   6
6   SAV\ace_13_52930.bmp   SAV\ace_13_59407.bmp   TRUE   0.9   6
6   SAV\ace_13_-21397.bmp   SAV\ace_13_-34896.bmp   TRUE   0.9   6
6   SAV\allgrass_1_-65066.bmp   SAV\allgrass_1_-3862.bmp   TRUE   0.9   6

Now search the lines which includes the name of the Bitmaps you have written down.
In our example it was "ace_13_-21397.bmp", so it is line #4.
Write down the line numbers!

#7: Find the fieldīs data
Now close the fie.sav file. And search for the fieldīs data file in your c:\program files\simtractor 3.5\sav folder.
Those data files are all called like this: "ace_13_t9.sav"
Remember ace_13 is only an example. The only thing which changes is the number after the "t".
Now take the number of the line you have written down. In our example itīs "4". Add 2 to this number 4 + 2 = 6 in our example.
Now open the data file which ends with the those number
In our example itīs: "ace_13_t6.sav"
Open it: Double click on the file name -> windows will ask you what program it should be opened with -> "Choose program from a list" -> Choose "Notepad" or in other versions itīs called "Editor".

#8: Edit the fieldīs data
After you opened the fieldīs data file Push "CTRL + H".
The replace window should come up.
It will now take a few seconds until itīs done.
When itīs done save the file ("CTRL + S").

Thatīs it. You will now be able to harvest grass with your standard forage harvester

Thanks Kreimy for these informations.

31/I am on Vista and my SAV folder looks empty, but I have got savd games?
Chose "Compatibility Files" too make those files visible.

32/How can I add more cows to my game?
- Open the cattle.sav file of your latest savegame. For example ace_13_cattle.sav if your latest savegame is called ace_13. You will find this file in c:\program files\simtractor 3.5\sav. This file can be opened with Notepad.
- Copy several lines of itīs content and insert them at the end. Each line is for one cow.
- Save the file.

- 2, Multiplayer -
First, the mods are not tested and developed to work in multiplayer. Some although work. But if you are having problems with MP, remove your mods by selling them in the buisness menu, or deleting exactly the same files you downloded from www.simtractor.net in a compressed file.

2.1 What is necessary to play on multi (Hardware)?
There are 3 different ways to play multi.
1. without router ->2.1.1
2. with router ->2.1.2
3. using hamachi ->2.1.3

Generally, the only thing needed is to allow an "Exception" from the Windows firewall (Windows XP SP2)

2.1.1 I have got no router, how can I play Multiplayer?
There is nothing else needed, than a firewall exception. If u still have got problems, try using hamachi ->2.3

2.1.2 I have a router (or a network card) installed, how can I play Multiplayer?
Of course. But for using a router u have to forward some ports.
How to forward ports depends on the used router. Usually u have to enter the configurations program, using your web browser and typing in the IP of your router. Login and password of the router needed.
Also a view into the manual is really helpful.
Cause every router is different I just give u a few links with really good tutorials.
->really good tutorials for special routers
U have to forward the following ports:
18005 with TCP
50000-50031 with UDP

Also sometimes port forwarding doesnīt work correct, cause ur routers firewall is still blocking connections.
There is no other way, than deactivating your routers firewall. It is usually possible, only to deactivate it for one computer. This services usually is called DMZ in ur router. Have a look in the routers manual, or on google.
Please be sure of what u are doing, otherwise your computer wont be safe any more.

2.1.2 I want to play Multiplayer using hamachi?
For informations about hamachi ->http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamachi
Using hamachi, nothing else is needed, than the program itself -> http://www.hamachi.cc/
Please follow the instructions during the installation and create urself a hamachi account.

For using hamachi, all players have to be connected to the same network.
There are a few special simtractor networks connected u can join.
-> http://www.simtractor.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3530
But please donīt forget to leave the network after u finished playing.(disconnect)

2.2.1 How to set up an online farm?
Enter the waiting room and click create. It takes a while. But then will start to create.

1.) Just enter the waiting room and click refresh. The server list will be loaded. (2min) Click on the farm u want to join. It will then start to load. About 3 min (1MBit/s)
2.) Enter the hosts WAN IP in the multiplayer menu. Options->multiplayer settings->IP. ST will then primary connect with the entered IP.

2.2.2 How to set up a hamachi farm?
Has to enter his hamachi IP in the simtractor menu. Options->multiplayer settings->IP. Just click on IP, LAN IP appears then. Click again and hamachi IP appears.
Enter the waiting room and click create. It takes a while. But then will start to create.

1.) Just enter the waiting room and click refresh. It will then start to load. About 3 min (1MBit/s)
2.) Enter the hosts hamachi IP in the multiplayer menu. Options->multiplayer settings->IP.Just click on IP, LAN IP appears then. Click again and hamachi IP appears. Now change to the hosts hamachi IP. ST will then primary connect with the entered IP.

2.2.2 How to set up a LAN farm?
Both comps versions have to be registered. Entering the same key is possible.

Enter the waiting room and click create. It takes a while. But then will start to create.

1.) Just enter the waiting room and click refresh. It will then start to load.

3 Some tricks u can try having still problems with Multiplayer

- Deactivate the firewall on all computers
- use hamachi
- enter the hostīs IP on both computers in the Simtractor Multiplayer menu
- change both computerīs work group to the same. Restart is necessary. Especially when u already have connected to a farm, but the loading bar doesnīt move.

more to come
created by
dear john
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