Sim Tractor is designed to run on a wide range of PCs but because of its technical advancements it does require a reasonable specification machine with a 3D Card. We would suggest a recommended specification as follows:

Minimum Recommended Specification :

  • Windows XP ,Vista, Seven and Windows 8.

  • Intel/AMD Pentium IV 2.0Gz

  • 512 Mb Ram.

  • Video card with 64 Mb Ram with 3D (Geforce 4 – equivalent graphics card).

  • DirectX 10 or higher. Download the latest DirectX here.

STEP 1 : Download SimTractor
Click here to download the last release

STEP 2 : Update your DirectX
Download the latest DirectX here. The install is also available with the CD BACKUP if you don't have internet at home.

STEP 3 : Install SimTractor
Double click on the self executable file, follow the on screen instructions to install the game.
After install, launch the SimTractor shortcut.

Once SimTractor is running, press the move keys to move from the main menu onto the others.

To get the maximum enjoyment from Sim Tractor we would suggest you read the farmer's manual and visit the forum to get the latest tutorials and articles . Have fun!

Note: The demo version of SimTractor has every features of the full version except one thing , you couldn't drive all the machines in your farm. You need to register the game to unlock SimTractor.

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SimTractor V4 is finaly available. It presents new features to have a better game play and always improvments, and of course new exciting machines. I also plan to add new machines and implements during the next few months (like the mineral fertilizer,..), a public download/upload area will be available. Have fun !
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